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SITIE GREENPLANT was born from the merging of two Italian companies operating on in the field of design, innovation and installation of traditional and renewable sources: SITIE Impianti Industriali Spa e Greenplant Spa.

SITIE works from 65 years worldwide as an installer and manufacturer of electro-cable trays, GREENPLANT is active as EPC in the field of renewable energy.

SITIE GREENPLANT can count on highly specialized technical staff in the design of PV systems of industrial size. The staff has many years of experience in new technologies in the renewable energy field.

Three rules

In SITIE GREENPLANT we believe that our services and products are of a higher level because they're developed in respect of three aspects that have always characterized us:
  • We have the extensive experience and resources necessary to complete projects of complexity also relevant;
  • We tend continually looking for new ways to run more efficiently the work;
  • We pay great attention to the management of resources, the safety of the people working with us, and we maximize the quality of our products.

Relationship with the customer

In SITIE GREENPLANT we are proud to offer our customers production methods and installation techniques at the forefront.

Our policy is the execution of the projects in the most efficient and profitable way, ensuring the delivery in accordance with the predetermined budget, work ethics and proper industrial collaboration.
We believe that every customer has unique characteristics and that every request requires a team custom able to adapt to the specific requirements.

New horizons

SITIE GREENPLANT has decided in recent years to engage in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In keeping with a strong focus on environmental issues and sustainable development has initiated new projects.