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SITIE GREENPLANT has the specific objective to design, build and operate plants for production of electricity and thermal energy, maximizing their efficiency by optimizing and reducing the cost of energy, to equal them and make them even smaller than the sampling grid.

It builds installations from renewable sources such as sun, wind and water, and earth, realizes cogeneration and trigeneration plants that recycle and process waste to transform them into electrical and thermal energy (biogas plants, biomass gasifiers and).

SITIE GREENPLANT has always ask these questions:

  • What is energy?
  • What are renewable energy sources?
  • As you can produce energy from water, sun, biomass, wind and geothermal energy?
  • Why renewables energies are important to the environment?

Now we have the answers to guide our clients in the implementation of efficient systems that in addition to ensuring a better future for our land, are economically viable and provide a strong cost savings for the purchase of energy.

SITIE GREENPLANT intends to act as a single point of contact for the implementation of systems powered by renewable energy sources and energy efficient technologies, in an optimized manner and according to the special requirements that the customer has, by running:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Preliminary and executive design
  • Bureaucratic compliance
  • Project Management
  • Site Management (execution of works, procurement and management of resources, coordination of safety and testing site)
  • After sales services (testing, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, remote management and remote control)
  • Energy Service Company (also called ESCO) with interventions aimed at improving energy efficiency.


The design of a plant SGP takes into account the state of the technique, using and integrating, from time to time, the best technology available in the world market, according to the technical advantages/cost obtainable for the customer.

Know How

We have gained experience in the field that allows us to tackle more ambitious projects, such as the simple ones, but the goal remains the same: to exceed customer expectations.


The peace of mind that you have at your side a company that has been operating for over 65 years in the energy world, with international clients and an established reputation.