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  • Step 1: biomass harvesting with mulching
    • USEFULL BIOMASS 15% humidity;
    • Agricultural by-products: straw, corn stalk and stem, straw and rice husks, olives and fruit pits, manure with litter, pruning, cleaning of the wood, waste flour, dry fraction of the digestate from biogas plants.

  • Step 2: biomass storage chopped

  • Step 3: autoloader

  • Step 4: Gasification and Filtering

  • Step 6: Electricity Generation and Heat Recovery

A more efficient and ecological farms.
In the M.D. 6/7/2012 Biomass CHP systems of all sizes, HAVE AN INCENTIVE:

  • Sale of electricity to the GSE a feed-in tariff.
  • Use heat for heating, domestic hot water, heating drinking water for livestock, drying products agricultural, trigeneration

- Click HERE to download the gasifiers brochure.

- Click HERE to download the biomass yield brochure.